Transforming Hospitality : COVID-19 Update

The well-being of our guests and partners is imperative to us.

We are continually refreshing COVID – 19 rules from Ministry of Family Health & Welfare and World Health Organization.

We are additionally planning intimately with all nearby government well-being specialists.

As plentiful precautionary measure we are preparing our partners on COVID-19 avoidance and reconnaissance, we are taking zero trade off cleanliness and security measures.

As a gathering we are finding a way to disinfect all our staff and visitor contact regions, for example, rooms, eateries, kitchens, public areas, associated offices and so forth.

We care for your safety and security!


Our Priority Measure, Your Travel Safety

As it has consistently been, the well-being and security of our guests and colleagues remains our most noteworthy need.
We invest heavily in keeping up the best expectations of tidiness and cleanliness.
Because of the corona-virus, we have taken extra estimates created in discussion with worldwide and nearby general well-being specialists to make our cleaning and cleanliness conventions considerably progressively thorough:

– Our lodging groups are getting progressing briefings and upgraded working conventions.

– We have expanded the recurrence of cleaning our open regions (counting entryways, lifts, entryway handles, open washrooms, and so forth) and have proceeded with the utilization of emergency clinic grade disinfectant.

– We will keep on altering food and drink administration as per current sanitation suggestions.

– We have expanded the arrangement of antibacterial hand sanitizers.

– We are ensuring your Dining experience will be astutely curated remembering constrained assembling in eatery zones and different limitations for well-being.

– Temperature readings of inhabitant and non-occupant visitors and our partners are taken at the entry checkpoints..

– Guest check in revelation structure is set up to distinguish visitors who had made a trip to high hazard nations in the past 30 days so they can experience a clinical assessment before registration.

At Sanda Hotels, we trust it is in testing conditions such as these that the power of hospitality is required the most of all.
Regardless of whether you are voyaging now or later on, our colleagues are prepared to invite you with the Signature stay accommodation you’ve come to expect.